161 – Dock Butte and Blue Lake

Dock Butte has been on my list of hikes to get around to doing for quite some time so when I learned that the snow was lingering there, I grabbed my snowshoes hoping for a chance to use them. I also brought the ice trekkers, because the temperatures had dropped since that first snowfall and... Continue Reading →

150 – Ptarmigan Ridge

This was truly a bonus hike! We wanted to hike to Ptarmigan Ridge last year, but snows came early, then melted away, and our schedules allowed us but one more day of high country hiking. We chose to hike to Lake Ann that day (go here - Hike #83 - Lake Ann - to read about that hike). That... Continue Reading →

136 – Thunder Creek Trail

We accessed to the trailhead for Thunder Creek Trail from the parking lot of the Colonial Creek Campground along Highway 20 about 24 miles east of the town of Marblemount. Unable to drive all the way into the campground and to the trailhead until the Memorial Day weekend, we parked in a lot just outside of the main camping area and walked... Continue Reading →

126 – Oyster Dome

A great cardio workout on a beautifully sunny Spring day, this hike could more appropriately be called "Girls Hike Up"! A very popular local hike, it is a steep climb to the top of the Oyster Dome. Beginning our hike from the Samish Overlook, we managed to shave off 1,000'  of the total elevation gain, yet... Continue Reading →

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