135 – Guemes Mountain Trail

What an awesome hike this was! What hike starts with a ferry ride and takes you all the way to the highest point on one of the San Juan Islands? The Guemes Mountain Trail! Go here - http://www.skagitcounty.net/common/asp/?d=publicworksferry&c=general&p=ferry.htm - for information on the Guemes Island Ferry. Here, Dena and I enjoy the sunshine on the deck of the ferry as... Continue Reading →

134 – Squires Lake

Squires Lake has turned out to be one of our favorite County Parks. We hike their often, sometimes continuing on to Alger Alp, other times on to the beaver pond, and other times along the Ridge Trail (see Hike #27 - Squires Lake to Alger Alp, Hike #32 - Squires Lake Park and Hike #14 -... Continue Reading →

126 – Oyster Dome

A great cardio workout on a beautifully sunny Spring day, this hike could more appropriately be called "Girls Hike Up"! A very popular local hike, it is a steep climb to the top of the Oyster Dome. Beginning our hike from the Samish Overlook, we managed to shave off 1,000'  of the total elevation gain, yet... Continue Reading →

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