161 – Dock Butte and Blue Lake

Dock Butte has been on my list of hikes to get around to doing for quite some time so when I learned that the snow was lingering there, I grabbed my snowshoes hoping for a chance to use them. I also brought the ice trekkers, because the temperatures had dropped since that first snowfall and... Continue Reading →

150 – Ptarmigan Ridge

This was truly a bonus hike! We wanted to hike to Ptarmigan Ridge last year, but snows came early, then melted away, and our schedules allowed us but one more day of high country hiking. We chose to hike to Lake Ann that day (go here - Hike #83 - Lake Ann - to read about that hike). That... Continue Reading →

86 – Goat Mountain

This hike was a real bonus! Chased out of the high country in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest by an early snowfall a few weeks before, turned out that snow did not stick around for long and before we knew it, we were hearing reports that the roads were still passable and trailheads once again accessible. This... Continue Reading →

83 – Lake Ann

We hiked to a Lake Ann before (see Hike #78 – Completing the Heather-Maple Pass Loop (Day 3 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip), #77 – Lewis Lake, Heather Pass and Lake Ann Overlook (Day 2 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip) and #78 – Completing the Heather-Maple Pass Loop (Day 3 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop... Continue Reading →

81 – Even Higher Pass

From our campsite at High Pass (see Hike #79 - Low Pass/High Pass Backpacking Trip and Hike #80 - Gargett Mine to read about the other hikes we completed during this backpacking trip ), we could see the trail to "Even Higher Pass", and such a beautiful morning, after our morning coffee we were heading up the trail once again. It was... Continue Reading →

79 – Low Pass/High Pass – Setting Up Camp (Day 1 – High Pass Backpacking Trip)

With no snow in the high country - yet - and the rare weekend off, we packed up and headed to the mountains. More often than not, the days we are available for hiking and backpacking trips are during the week when there are fewer people out and about, so it often feels like we have the entire wilderness... Continue Reading →

75 – Heliotrope Ridge

Do you like glaciers? Adventure? Wildflowers? Mountain views? Creek crossings? Forests? Marmots? If so, this is definitely the hike for you! On our way to see the Coleman Glacier, right from the start the Heliotrope Ridge Trail held a sense of adventure when we were detoured around the bridge over Grouse Creek not far from the trailhead. The first of the... Continue Reading →

74 – Chain Lakes Loop

We were not sure which trail we would hike as we drove to Mount Baker, but we thought maybe it would be the Chain Lakes Loop Trail - if the cloud cover persisted. Maybe, though, a different trail - if it was clear. Still cloudy as we drove through the little town of Glacier, so Chain Lakes it was. Parking at Artist Point, we... Continue Reading →

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