150 – Ptarmigan Ridge

This was truly a bonus hike! We wanted to hike to Ptarmigan Ridge last year, but snows came early, then melted away, and our schedules allowed us but one more day of high country hiking. We chose to hike to Lake Ann that day (go here - Hike #83 - Lake Ann - to read about that hike). That... Continue Reading →

127 – Raptor Ridge and Huckleberry Ridge

From delicate flowers, cascading waterfalls, a trail through a magical forest, two ridges both with great views, it was obvious that Spring has sprung on Chuckanut Mountain. By the time we had finished this hike, my Fitbit had logged 10.20 miles in trail time. We began our hike at the North Chuckanut Mountain trailhead and... Continue Reading →

120 – North Lake Whatcom Trail (Hertz Trail)

Joining friends for a morning hike along one of my favorite local trails, North Lake Whatcom (aka Hertz Trail), what fun it was to stop for a leisurely lunch at The Fork Restaurant at Agate Bay after our hike was finished. I've hiked this trail many times. Go here - https://60before60.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/02-north-lake-whatcom-trail-hertz-trail/ - and here -... Continue Reading →

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