65 – Upper Elliot Trail (Day 3 – Goat Lake Backpacking Trip)

This being the last day of our backpacking trip, we spent the morning leisurely enjoying our coffee on the shore of Goat Lake. How enticing it was to follow the delicious aroma from a pan of boiled cowboy coffee as I walked along the path through the meadow that led to the lake. I do not believe that a cup of... Continue Reading →

64 – Hiking Around Goat Lake (Day 2 – Goat Lake Backpacking Trip)

Having set up our tent on the edge of a wooded campground above Goat Lake in the dark the evening before, it was not until morning that we realized what a wonderful view we had from that campsite. What a delight to view the snow capped peaks forming the cirque surrounding the lake and the lake itself immediately upon unzipping the door of our tent. Minutes after finishing our morning coffee,... Continue Reading →

63 – Lower Elliot Trail (Day 1 – Goat Lake Backpacking Trip)

Putting that new backpack and the hiking accessories received for my birthday (see: Happy Birthday - Sweet Sixty) to use, our first backpacking trip of the summer found us following the scenic Mountain Loop Highway to the Goat Lake trailhead. We registered for two nights of camping at the lake. Described by Craig Romano in the book Day Hiking - North Cascades... Continue Reading →

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