157 – Backpacking the Enchantments – Snow Lakes Trail to Nada Lake

Right up until the moment that we put on our backpacks in the parking lot by the trailhead, we felt fortunate to be able to go on this particular backpacking trip, yet not quite sure that we could do it.  First off, the Enchantments area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is a very unique and fragile... Continue Reading →

156 – Backpacking Goat Rocks Wilderness – Back to Berry Patch & on to Mount Rainier National Park

This was the last day in our backpacking trip into the Goat Rocks Wilderness, so after coffee and breakfast we packed up our camp there in the Jordan Basin to begin our hike back. The weather was spectacular and the views absolutely incredible. It was such a wonderful trail with views of not one, but three major mountains as we worked... Continue Reading →

155 – Goat Lake

Backpacking back into the Goat Rocks Wilderness to set up camp in the Jordan Basin the day after fleeing for a night to dry out in the town of Packwood, WA (go here -https://60before60.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/59-backpacking-goat-rocks-wilderness-berry-patch-to-jordan-basin/  - to read about that), we awoke to sunny skies. Mother earth had managed to absorb a majority of the four to six inches of precipitation that... Continue Reading →

154 – Backpacking Goat Rocks Wilderness – Berry Patch to Jordan Basin

Who heads back into the wilderness a day after being chased out by severe rain, hail and flooding (see Hike #58 - Rain, Hail, Floods - the Packwood Dryout)? We do! Here we are, at the trailhead for the Goat Ridge Trail, ready to hike back into the Goat Rocks Wilderness. Having originally planned this backpacking trip... Continue Reading →

153 – Backpacking Goat Rocks Wilderness – Rain, Hail, Floods – The Packwood Dryout

Checking the weather forecast as we gathered our camping gear and filled our backpacks before leaving home, we knew rain was inevitable. We embraced the first snow of the season last year when we backpacked the Heather-Maple Pass Loop - Hike #76 - Heather Pass - Setting Up Camp. We did not let a day of steady rain dampen... Continue Reading →

152 – Pacific Crest Trail – Cispus Basin to Cispus Pass

I feel a sense of admiration for thru hikers each time we intersect with and/or follow a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) when we are out hiking. They travel the entire length of the PCT, all the way from the California-Mexico border, head north through the states of California and Oregon, and on through Washington until they reach... Continue Reading →

78 – Completing the Heather-Maple Pass Loop (Day 3 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip)

Although it is not possible to call any one hike our favorite because they all seem to be so wonderful, from the moment the early morning sun glowed on the mountain peaks surrounding our camp, this may have been our most beautiful day on the trail - ever. After spending two nights camping just below Heather Pass,... Continue Reading →

77 – Lewis Lake, Heather Pass and Lake Ann Overlook (Day 2 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip)

Morning greated us with clear skies, a trace of snow and clouds in the valley below our camp. Sipping coffee and eating oatmeal from a porch made of giant rocks, I watched in amazement as the forested wilderness in the valley floor slowly came into view as those clouds climbed up and then disappeared. In no time that blanket of snow... Continue Reading →

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