125 – East Bank Baker Lake – South

We've hiked the Baker Lake and Baker River area before, but not from the south. To reach the trailhead, we drove over a one-lane road along the top of the Upper Baker Dam. The forest was filled with giant trees and huge stumps from the long-ago days of logging. Our first destination was Anderson Point... Continue Reading →

124 – Fairhaven, Taylor Dock & Boulevard Park

A walk along Taylor Dock and Boulevard Park seemed most appropriate after a stop at Village Books in Fairhaven to check out their hiking book section. Appreciating the beauty of and enjoying this urban walk often, we rarely count it as a hike; so since our main reason for being in this part of town... Continue Reading →

120 – North Lake Whatcom Trail (Hertz Trail)

Joining friends for a morning hike along one of my favorite local trails, North Lake Whatcom (aka Hertz Trail), what fun it was to stop for a leisurely lunch at The Fork Restaurant at Agate Bay after our hike was finished. I've hiked this trail many times. Go here - https://60before60.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/02-north-lake-whatcom-trail-hertz-trail/ - and here -... Continue Reading →

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