149 – Lake Twenty-Two

I am not sure why, but the hike to Lake Twenty-Two had been on my list for quite some time. Maybe because a number seems like an odd name for lake to me. Why name a lake a number? Where is Lake Twenty-One, Lake Seven, etc., who names these lakes anyway? It certainly is a... Continue Reading →

148 – Cutthroat Pass

This was one of those great hikes with exceptional views! Having backpacked into Cutthroat Lake to camp along Cutthroat Creek the evening before (go here - https://60before60.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/52-backpacking-cutthroat-lake/ - to read about that hike), stellar blue skies made the conditions absolutely perfect for a hike up to Cutthroat Pass. The hike from where we camped to the pass was about five miles in length... Continue Reading →

146 – Waterfront Renaissance Walk & Esther Short Park

Mixing more business with pleasure, this time we spent an afternoon and evening along Vancouver, WA's Waterfront Renaissance Walk and exploring the Esther Short Park. The walk follows the shore of the Columbia River on the Washington side with great views of Portland, Oregon on the other. That's the bridge over the Columbia River as our... Continue Reading →

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