88 – Osage Orange

Visiting the Wenatchee Valley for a few days, we decided to make it a hike as we set off along the trails that lead around the ponds at Rock Island, Washington in search of a winter's worth of Osage Oranges. Brian often runs his dog around the ponds so was pretty sure he knew where the Osage... Continue Reading →

87 – Baker River Trail

Low in elevation, the Baker River Trail makes a great year-round hiking destination. The cable stay bridge over the Baker River leads to the Baker Lake Trail (go here - http://www.60before60.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/46-baker-lake-trail/ - to see photos from Hike #46 along the Baker Lake Trail). For this hike, rather than turn right and cross the bridge, we... Continue Reading →

86 – Goat Mountain

This hike was a real bonus! Chased out of the high country in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest by an early snowfall a few weeks before, turned out that snow did not stick around for long and before we knew it, we were hearing reports that the roads were still passable and trailheads once again accessible. This... Continue Reading →

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