85 – Lake Padden Loop

Popular with hikers, dog walkers, runners and bikers, the three-mile loop trail around Lake Padden is a local favorite. The fall colors cast a lovely glow around the lake. I've hiked this trail many, many times over the years, sometimes considering it a hike - other times merely a walk. Go here - Hike #29... Continue Reading →

84 – 1,000 Puddles/Edfro Creek

With the arrival of rainy season in the Pacific Northwest, hiking a trail named 1,000 Puddles Trail seemed most appropriate. This trail was a great choice as we were protected from the drizzle by the forest canopy. The trail meanders through land preserved by the Whatcom Land Trust and along the bank of South Fork of the Nooksack River. The fall... Continue Reading →

83 – Lake Ann

We hiked to a Lake Ann before (see Hike #78 – Completing the Heather-Maple Pass Loop (Day 3 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip), #77 – Lewis Lake, Heather Pass and Lake Ann Overlook (Day 2 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip) and #78 – Completing the Heather-Maple Pass Loop (Day 3 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop... Continue Reading →

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