82 – Morning at Camp – Hike Back to Twin Lakes (Day 2 – High Pass Backpacking Trip)

Keeping the sky bright all through the night, the beautiful harvest moon setting behind Tomyhoi Peak greeted us our last morning at camp. Having feasted on so many ripe mountain blueberries the day before during our hike to the old Gargett Mine (see Hike # 80 - Gargett Mine), we combed the bushes around our campsite so we could add some... Continue Reading →

81 – Even Higher Pass

From our campsite at High Pass (see Hike #79 - Low Pass/High Pass Backpacking Trip and Hike #80 - Gargett Mine to read about the other hikes we completed during this backpacking trip ), we could see the trail to "Even Higher Pass", and such a beautiful morning, after our morning coffee we were heading up the trail once again. It was... Continue Reading →

79 – Low Pass/High Pass – Setting Up Camp (Day 1 – High Pass Backpacking Trip)

With no snow in the high country - yet - and the rare weekend off, we packed up and headed to the mountains. More often than not, the days we are available for hiking and backpacking trips are during the week when there are fewer people out and about, so it often feels like we have the entire wilderness... Continue Reading →

78 – Completing the Heather-Maple Pass Loop (Day 3 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip)

Although it is not possible to call any one hike our favorite because they all seem to be so wonderful, from the moment the early morning sun glowed on the mountain peaks surrounding our camp, this may have been our most beautiful day on the trail - ever. After spending two nights camping just below Heather Pass,... Continue Reading →

77 – Lewis Lake, Heather Pass and Lake Ann Overlook (Day 2 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip)

Morning greated us with clear skies, a trace of snow and clouds in the valley below our camp. Sipping coffee and eating oatmeal from a porch made of giant rocks, I watched in amazement as the forested wilderness in the valley floor slowly came into view as those clouds climbed up and then disappeared. In no time that blanket of snow... Continue Reading →

76 – Heather Pass – Setting Up Camp (Day 1 – Heather-Maple Pass Loop Backpacking Trip)

We knew ahead of time that snow was expected at the elevation where we planned to camp. With that snow predicted to last only one night and the promise of sunny skies after that, we stuffed our packs with extra warm layers of clothing and took off along the North Cascades Highway. We began our hike about 25 miles west of... Continue Reading →

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