69 – Grouse Ridge Trail

On our way to the trailhead for a hike along Grouse Ridge, we stopped by the USDA Forest Service Public Service Center at Glacier for a last minute snow condition update. A less-frequented area, they had no information about the road we needed to follow, nor any information about the condition of the trail. They did have reports... Continue Reading →

68 – Yellow Aster Butte

Tiger lilies, penstemon, Indian paint brush, fireweed, cow parsnips, columbine, bleeding hearts and more, it was high season for wildflowers along the trail to Yellow Aster Butte. Right from our boot-up, wildflowers lined the way. And look at that snow-capped peak! One mountain after another, gorgeous snow-capped peaks filled the horizon. With slices of homemade pizza in our pack, we hoped... Continue Reading →

66 – Hannegan Pass

We had a great time trekking through the snow along the Hannigan Pass Road when we attempted this hike back in May (see Hike #48 - Hannigan Pass Road), but having turned around after hiking five or so miles up the road, we were unable to even reach the trailhead then. Now it is summer, and the rivers and... Continue Reading →

64 – Hiking Around Goat Lake (Day 2 – Goat Lake Backpacking Trip)

Having set up our tent on the edge of a wooded campground above Goat Lake in the dark the evening before, it was not until morning that we realized what a wonderful view we had from that campsite. What a delight to view the snow capped peaks forming the cirque surrounding the lake and the lake itself immediately upon unzipping the door of our tent. Minutes after finishing our morning coffee,... Continue Reading →

63 – Lower Elliot Trail (Day 1 – Goat Lake Backpacking Trip)

Putting that new backpack and the hiking accessories received for my birthday (see: Happy Birthday - Sweet Sixty) to use, our first backpacking trip of the summer found us following the scenic Mountain Loop Highway to the Goat Lake trailhead. We registered for two nights of camping at the lake. Described by Craig Romano in the book Day Hiking - North Cascades... Continue Reading →

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