37 – Lake Terrell and Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve

Having wanted to explore the trails around Lake Terrell for some time, and by adding in the trail through the nearby Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve, it made for a great hike. Somewhat of an adventure, it turned out not quite as easy to find the entrance to Lake Terrell as it would have been had we brought a map along, but persistent enough to... Continue Reading →

36 – Arroyo Park and Teddy Bear Cove – from Fairhaven Park

Only a mile and a half from Fairhaven Park, following the Interurban Trail, today's destination was Arroyo Park. Once entering Arroyo Park, the trail follows along Padden Creek, then crossing at a footbridge, connects with the Hemlock Trail. Along the Hemlock Trail, there are options to connect with many of the other trails within the Chuckanut Mountain trail system as... Continue Reading →

34 – Lost Lake – North Lost Lake Trail

It was back to Chuckanut Mountain for me today for the long hike to Lost Lake - and back. Beginning at the North Chuckanut Mountain Trailhead parking lot, first I followed the Hemlock Trail. For 1.2 miles, that trail winds its way through the forest as it climbs up the mountain until reaching the junction for the North Lost Lake Trail. I paused... Continue Reading →

33 – Whatcom Creek – Trails Above the Gorge

Discovering a dirt trail along the south side of the ridge above the Whatcom Creek gorge while following the Waterline Trail to Whatcom Falls Park the other evening (go here - 60before60-YouTube-Whatcom-Falls - to view my video of Whatcom Falls just before sunset taken during that walk), I knew I would be back to explore that trail more thoroughly. A wilder, more rugged trail... Continue Reading →

32 – Squires Lake Park

Have you ever sat in your car hopeful that a hail storm that had started just moments before you pulled into the parking lot would quickly move on so that you could set out on a trail? Well, that is exactly how this hike began. Certain there was a hint of brightness in the sky to the south, it seemed that almost as fast... Continue Reading →

31 – Stimpson Family Nature Reserve

The Stimpson Family Nature Reserve is the perfect example of what I consider a Pacific Northwest rain forest. Having hiked the reserve before, I had never been able to fully appreciate the beautiful forest setting as much as I did today. My previous visits had been only during those rare hot, dry periods we occasionally get during the high point of... Continue Reading →

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