27 – Northridge and Big Rock Garden Parks

Even after several days of heavy rain, the series of trails leading out of Barkley Village can be relied upon to not to be flooded or muddy, and that is just one of the reasons I frequent there. My other reasons? I can easily get in a good six to eight mile hike without having to leave town. I... Continue Reading →

26 – Lower Bay to Baker Trail

Teased by this trail last week during the Bellingham 10K Volkswalk, I am certain that I managed to cover more than 10K today by following the Lower Bay to Baker Trail all of the way to Squalicum Beach and then taking several other intersecting trails that went through parks in that area too. And since the tide was out,... Continue Reading →

24 – Volkswalk – Bellingham 10K

Consisting of designated, pre-planned, mapped out routes through towns, parks and forests, usually either 5K or 10K in length, it was in 2007 that I was first started Volkswalking. Volkswalking groups often combine several of their designated routes in order to host 40K to 70K "events" and invite other Volkswalking groups to join in on all that Volkswalking fun... Continue Reading →

23 – Whistle Lake

Spotting high, rocky cliffs across Whistle Lake while hiking in that area last month (see: Hike #12 - Heart and Whistle Lakes), I suspected that preview was but a teaser. Enticed by those cliffs, my suspicion was confirmed as we hiked along those very cliffs today. With a maze of trails throughout the Anacortes Community Forest Lands (ACFL), because our goal was to follow... Continue Reading →

19 – Little Mountain

When the word "Mountain" is part of the name of my hiking destination, even when paired with the term "Little", I still expect that the trails will be on the challenging side.  Having completed several good hikes earlier this week, I had been rained in for the last two days and was starting to feel a little sluggish. With what appeared... Continue Reading →

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