Why Sixty Hikes Before Sixty Years?

This is the year I turn sixty! Having always been active – hiking, biking, trekking, walking, running and working out, I would like to stay that way. My birthday is in June, so I have decided to complete sixty hikes by then. Follow this blog . . . and join me along those trails.

A former business process analyst, about ten years ago I was diagnosed with a very severe idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. Accepting an early retirement in order to focus on regaining my health, my goal at that time was simply to stay OFF of the heart transplant list. I spent the next couple of years visiting a series of top-notch cardiologists, enduring medical test after medical test and being given different combinations of powerful heart medications. Then several more months were spent at a cardiac rehab center followed by a gradual (yet persistent) increase in exercise as I struggled to rebuild my strength and heart health. Finally, after more than three years of very close monitoring by the cardiologists and diligent effort on my part, my heart condition had stabilized and the doctors (and I) were confident that my heart was once again functioning normally.

To this day, I continue to succeed at maintaining normal heart function by taking care of myself – eating healthy, staying active, exercising regularly, living a simple, stress-free lifestyle, always taking my prescribed heart medications and by staying in touch with the cardiologist for regular annual checkups and tests. I maintain a gym membership each winter, and workout several times a week utilizing the cardio equipment and circuit weight training areas. My real passion for getting exercise is outdoors though, so when the Pacific Northwest is NOT under a huge cloud cover and the rain is NOT coming down sideways, you will find me outside on a hiking trail instead of at the gym.

I do not know if the thought of turning sixty will feel (feels, or felt) particularly tramatic or not for the rest of you, but perhaps because I feel that I had to work so hard, and for so long, just to regain my health, it does feel important to me to be able to complete sixty hikes before I turn sixty years.


In addition to Sixty Before Sixty (Hikes Before Years), here is a list of my other blogs:

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2 thoughts on “Why Sixty Hikes Before Sixty Years?

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  1. Keep up the hiking!!. My name is Mike and I am the one who wrote about my 50 hikes I did last year at age 50 on the WTA.org web site. I am one of the 12 Trail volunteer correspondents who write for the WTA.org web site and their magazine. I plan on doing at least 51 this year and I have completed 20 already. Don’t know if I can keep this pace up each year but its fun trying. Enjoy your hiking. You’ve done some great hikes here. I have done about 40 of them and I can’t think of something else I would rather be doing.
    Take Care

    1. Thank you, Mike.

      I have stumbled upon some of your hike reports on the WTA website, and some of the YouTube videos you have posted of your hikes when I have researched new trails I want to hike. I value the information you have shared, and have especially enjoyed your videos.

      It seems so many of the hikes on WTA that I am interested in have only trip reports that are outdated. I keep trying to do a better job at taking the time to add my current hike trip reports to that system as current conditions are very valuable when planning a hike . . . but I seem to be on the trail much more than I am at the computer.

      I keep thinking I’ll run into you one of these days along a trail . . .

      Happy hiking!

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