13 – Samish Park

Within the Chuckanut Mountains, Lake Samish is not a place that I often think of when setting out for a hike, but with well over three miles of trails from the shore up through its steep, densely forested slopes, the 39-acre Samish Park is exactly where I headed this morning. With the sound of a fast moving creek almost constant as I... Continue Reading →

12 – Heart and Whistle Lakes

The Lake Erie Grocery has the most charming shopkeeper! His supply of trail maps for the Anacortes Community Forest Lands was sold out, so he drew the route we needed for today's hike on the map in a Kiwanis flyer that he had and sent us happily on our way around Heart and Whistle Lakes. With 50 miles... Continue Reading →

11 – Woodstock Farm

With two-hours between rain showers predicted for the afternoon, I hoped that would be plenty of time to hike to Woodstock Farm and thoroughly explore the trails there. Like my hike to Teddy Bear Cove, I began again at the North Chuckanut Mountain Trailhead parking lot, followed the Hemlock Trail and continued onto the Interurban Trail. This time though, at the Spokane... Continue Reading →

10 – Teddy Bear Cove

The sun was shining and I couldn't resist being outdoors, so I hiked to Teddy Bear Cove. I began my hike from the North Chuckanut Mountain Trailhead parking lot along Chuckanut Drive, following the Hemlock Trail until it intersected with the Interurban Trail. Once on the Interurban Trail, within a half mile, I was crossing Chuckanut Drive and... Continue Reading →

08 – Civic Trail

Today's hike along the Civic Trail meant yet another day of fun in the snow! I especially like that once on the Civic Trail, I can easily connect to the trail that goes through the Salmon Park, and then on to the system of trails along Whatcom Creek. If I am feeling especially ambitious, I can hike from the Civic Athletic Complex all the way... Continue Reading →

07 – South Bay Trail

With more snow falling last night, a hike along the South Bay Trail to Fairhaven seemed most appropriate. Living just under a mile from the trailhead in downtown Bellingham, my trek started from home with a total roundtrip distance of approximately 5-1/2 miles. The walk was absolutely beautiful and I was impressed at how many others were out enjoying the... Continue Reading →

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